As a physician-led independent physician association (IPA), Maverick Medical Group provides physicians with the support to meet the challenges inherent in the operation of individual private practices. We provide the management services, data analytics and patient tracking, allowing our affiliated physicians to spend more time practicing medicine. We operate under full- and partial-risk contracts with health plans, utilizing a network of primary care physicians and specialists.


Provider Benefits

  • Competitive Monthly Capitation Payments
  • Opportunity to Participate on IPA Board and Committees
  • Financial Reports are Open to Review by Participating Physicians, Reflecting a Unique Level of Transparency
  • Approved to Participate in Cal MediConnect by LA Care and Health Net
  • Fee For Service Carve Outs
  • Performance Program Initiatives
  • Online Physician Portal (Aerial)
  • Online Claims Submission
  • Dedicated Network Manager
  • Direct Access to Specialists

Member Benefits

  • Direct Access to Most Specialists
  • Transportation for Senior Members
  • Dedicated Senior Line
    • Toll Free Number
    • Health Education
    • Wellness & Preventative Care Scheduling Assistance
  • Interpreter Services
  • Multi-Lingual/Multi-Cultural Customer Service
  • Multiple Laboratory Draw Stations
  • Urgent Care Centers

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