Frequently Asked Questions

Maverick Medical Group is a subsidiary of Apollo Medical Holdings, Inc., located at 700 N. Brand Blvd., Suite 1400, Glendale CA 91203.
Maverick Medical Group operates during normal business hours, from 9AM-5PM Monday through Friday. For the operation hours of a specific physician, please contact the physician office directly.
For any emergency that cannot wait for a doctor or urgent care visit, contact 911. If the problem is not an emergency, contact your PCP. If your PCP cannot be reached, you can access one of our urgent care centers or a hospital emergency room, preferably at one of our affiliates.
Most physicians can be reached after hours through their answering service, however if that is not possible, an urgent care facility or emergency room visit may be necessary.
You can contact your health plan to change your primary care physician.
Specialty referrals are done through your PCP. Some plans allow self-referrals for certain services such as PAP smears and mammograms.
Most health plans will cover urgent/emergent medical care within the United States.
A copay is a small charge that is paid at the time of a provider, and will vary on vary depending on your specific health plan.
An authorization is requested by your PCP to your health plan in order for you to access other providers and services.
A denied authorization can be appealed with the help of your primary care physician.
You can contact your primary care physician or your health plan.